Zeus polymer reinforced optical fiber and sheathings protect optical fibers and allow them to go into some of the most challenging environments. Produced from resins such as PEEK, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, and many more, our extrusions and coatings insulate optical fiber against abrasion, chemicals, moisture, and temperature.

Strain Sensing

Focusing on deformation of the object the optical fiber is monitoring, distributed strain sensing fiber optics are key components used in structural health monitoring, composite manufacturing, detection of dynamic and static load, and more. Zeus coatings, sheathings, and other products provide for high quality optical fiber sensing

Temperature Sensing

Fiber optic temperature sensing requires coatings and sheathings that are minimally affected by temperature and/or reduce strain interference. With the right polymer protection, distributed temperature sensors can work at peak efficiency with any methodology, and have an extended work life.

Sensor Encapsulation

Heat shrink encapsulation is an excellent method to protect and secure fiber optic sensors, cables, and connections. Dual-Shrink™ can provide a tight seal from environmental ingress in cables as well as strain lock optical fiber for sensing