We work at the speed of technology! We are constantly innovating our processes to develop advanced products that meet the rapidly changing demands of science, technology, medicine, and manufacturing. From biosabsorbables and nanofiber membranes to wires and cables, we are ready to plan the future – yours.

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For 50 years Zeus has delivered dependable innovation to our partners through polymer extrusions and pioneering technologies that improve efficiencies and performance. The industries we help never rest on their laurels and neither do we. We work in concert with our many industry partners to exceed the ever-evolving pinnacles and regulatory demands of market sectors.

From a bioabsorbable stent with a unique degradation profile to insulated wires that can survive in the harsh environments of oil exploration, Zeus is ready to help as you plan your future. Our advanced materials are found in groundbreaking applications of industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, energy, fluid management, fiber optics, and more.

Recognizing the emergence of biomaterials as a driving force in medical innovation, we have expanded our processing capabilities to develop the most advanced biomaterials in the industry. Bioweb™ electrospun composites are ideal for stent encapsulation, while our Absorv™ product line is used in novel therapies and applications such as coronary scaffolding and drug delivery. Aeos™ ePTFE is available in many profiles and is versatile enough to be used as an endovascular stent graft or a robust, flexible insulation for wiring and cables.

PEEK Engineered Surface tubing is a solution that is finding use in the medical and fiber optic spheres thanks to its significant reduction in friction and drag force. This extruded technology combines lubricity with the inherent strength and pushability of PEEK. This merger of properties makes it equally ideal as a catheter introducer or lubricious sheathing for fiber optics.

The rigorous demands of the oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive industries require insulation solutions that can handle extreme temperatures, chemical attack, and abrasion while maintaining dielectric strength. Zeus responded with PEEK Insulated Wire (260 °C), the industry’s premier motor winding insulation material. Zeus’ portfolio of advanced materials elevates novel ideas from concept to commercialization. Our team will collaborate with you to develop a polymer science solution for your next generation application.

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