Burst Pressure Calculator

Burst pressure represents the mechanical strength limit of your tubing; it is the pressure which exceeds the tensile strength of the tubing material. Thus, burst pressure determination incorporates the tensile strength of the tubing polymer as well as the tubing wall thickness. Note, however, that polymer properties – including tensile strength – vary based upon resin grades. Therefore, the burst pressure calculated here is approximate.

Burst pressure, P, is calculated based on the following formula which uses approximate tensile strength values, T, of the polymer:

To calculate the approximate burst pressure for your Zeus tubing, enter the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) dimensions of the tubing (in inches) in the spaces below. (Note: OD must be larger than ID). Also shown in the calculation results is a working pressure based upon a 4:1 safety factor.

Burst Pressure Formula

Polymer Tensile Strength Burst Pressure Working Pressure
MPa psi MPa psi MPa psi

Note: The above calculations are theoretical. They do not factor steam pressure, altitude, etc., and they are calculated at ambient temperature. The burst pressure results are intended as a guideline only in design and not as a definitive number. As such, Zeus does not assume any guarantee for the correctness, faultlessness, completeness and usability of the calculated information and liability for damage is thereby excluded.