Custom Profiles

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When more than tubing is needed, Zeus offers the capability to create custom profile extrusions. For 50 years, we have been empowering our partners by extruding complex shapes and geometries that can house various wires, cables, optical fibers, and more. Zeus fabricates our dies in-house allowing us to quickly take your concept and deliver a customized profile extrusion rapidly. You design, we deliver.

In addition to tight tolerance tubing, monofilament, and a variety of other extruded products, Zeus excels in the production of tight-tolerance custom profile extrusions. From standard products such as guide rail covers to ultra-precise extruded profiles for minimally invasive surgical devices, we have developed technology to bring unique extruded profiles from concept to reality.

Custom Profile Expertise

Drawing on decades of experience and a broad selection of high-performance resins, Zeus is the business partner of choice for developing the solutions you require. Working with our customers early in their project design stage, Zeus polymer and extrusion experts offer guidance for materials, configurations, and optimization. Our world-class analytical labs and polymer chemists test, analyze, and propose solutions to maximize the performance of your extruded profile. Bring us your CAD drawing with dimensions and tolerances, or just give us an indication of your ideas. We will do the rest!

We can offer custom profile tubings in a variety of resins including PTFE, PEEK, FEP, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, and Nylon.

If you do not see your preferred resin listed here for a custom profile, contact us or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally to see how we can help you.

We are always ready to explore new extrusion concepts that allow us to push the boundaries in the development of custom profiles.


    Engineered Surface Tubing – Our team developed a process to increase lubricity and decrease drag force through the extrusion of micro-structured channels, or “reeds”, along the tube. These reeds lower the coefficient of friction by reducing surface area contact of the outside diameter of the tube with its environment. Our engineered surface process enhances the lubricity on either the inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), or both without additives or fillers.

    As an example, PEEK engineered surface tubing possesses added lubricity which translates into more easily maneuverable devices in medical applications. For the fiber optics, custom profiled engineered surface tubing allows delicate fibers to be pushed down long sections of tubing increasing production. The engineered surface tubing shields the optical fibers from environmental stresses such as heat or chemicals and minimizes kinking as the fibers are being pushed into the tubing.

    Guide Rail Covers – Our “C” shape guide rail covers reduce rail wear and extend the life of conveyor systems. These guide rail covers are ideal for packing and processing soft drinks, food, chemicals, and many other mass-produced items. In addition to glass containers, metals such as aluminum and steel use this product in production.

    The lubricity of Zeus guide rail covers reduces staggering when used in conveyor belts to keep packages moving. Our guide rail covers resist abrasion, chemicals, wear, and vibration; they are also easy to install as they snap on instantly without the need for tools.

    Snaptube® / Cable Wrap – This product is a cost-effective cable wrap for restoring and reusing conductors with damaged insulation. This special profile can be snapped over bundles of wiring when the insulation has become cracked, frayed, or damaged.

    This custom profile is made from PTFE and possesses excellent dielectric properties and lubricity.  Snaptube’s® working temperature threshold is 500 °F (260 °C). This tubing also offers outstanding chemical resistance for work in chemically-ridden environments.

    Splines – These custom extrusions allow cables, wires, and fiber optics to be centered and insulated. Additional areas can be incorporated into the extrusion that reduce impacts from vibration or shock to the wiring. Splines can be extruded in a variety of performance materials such as PTFE, FEP, and PEEK, all of which provide excellent dielectric strength. Spline shapes can be manufactured as stand-alone extrusions or be extruded over wiring.


    Customized Profiles – Our ability to produce profiled tubing for your custom application gives you the ability to create nearly limitless shapes with dynamic versatility. In addition to shape, you have the ability to control characteristics as flexibility, hardness, and size.

    Chemical Resistance – The materials our custom profiles are made from are highly resistant to a broad spectrum of commonly encountered chemicals. At Zeus, we can help you select the best polymer choice for your application to give your product superior chemical resistance. We have resins which are chemically inert to almost all common solvents, whether acids, bases, or hydrocarbons.

    Heat Resistance – Depending on your resin choice, your custom profiled tubing can have a working temperature up to 500 °F (260 °C) or as low as -454 °F (-270 °C).

    Lubricity – By minimizing the contact area between the outer tubing surface profile and its surroundings, these profiled tubings increase lubricity beyond the already low coefficient of friction of the polymer from which the tubing is made.