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Color is not only important for visual appeal but is fundamental to functional applications. Colors are used to designate the purpose of particular tubings and coverings in many industries and are becoming more and more a part of everyday as well as specialized uses. Furthermore, legislation has forced changes to traditional colorants. Understanding the specific uses of colors is thus more than just selecting a particular shade or hue.

No one understands this better than Zeus. Thus, we use the most updated revision chart from Pantone, Inc. In addition to solid colors, we can extrude tubing with an integrated straight or spiral stripe of contrasting color and outside diameter-only striping. We can also produce custom colors from tubing samples or other sub-components to meet your unique requirements.

For less stringent criteria, Zeus offers a broad array of “natural” colors for our tubing including translucent available in certain resins. We also offer RoHS and WEEE compliant colors. (For Pantone® chart color matching, please have your own Pantone® chart available for color verification).

Contact our team or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today to see how we can develop a precision solution to give you a competitive advantage or to request prototyping samples.