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Zeus offers many Value-Add Services to refine your product to your specific application. These services are typically additional manufacturing steps on tubing which we can provide for you to better optimize your finished product. Our ability to perform these operations in-house allows you to work with one well established vendor while eliminating processing steps that save you time and money. Here are a few of our Value-Add services we offer:

Convoluted. Helical convolutes are formed during the extrusion to create tubing that is highly flexible and kink resistant. We can cuff the ends of PTFE convoluted tubing to provide a smooth finish that easily attaches to fittings. We can also slit convoluted tubing so wires or optical fibers can be easily wrapped for protection or pulled out to reach connections.

Drilling. Zeus can drill precise holes in tubing, either on a specific area of a tube or cut part or in a sequenced pattern.

Etching. PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE are very lubricious tubing products. Sometimes applications require them to be bonded effectively to other parts including other plastics. Chemical etching can be applied to the outside diameter (OD), ID, or both to improve bondability.

Fillers. Zeus can add fillers to our materials prior to extrusion to enhance attributes such as tensile strength, abrasion resistance, static dissipation, and more.

Flaring. We can form flares on the tubing which we manufacture to create easier pathways to insert medical stents, wires, optical fiber, and other instruments into the inside diameter (ID) of the extrusion.

Flanging. We can heat-form tubing material around 90 degrees from the OD to create a stop gap for over molded-components. Flanges can be round, rectangular, or square.

Product Assembly. Zeus offers light product assembly services to supply a finished sub-component such as a heat shrinking over wire or attaching metal fittings and other components to the tubing.

Value-Add capabilities

There’s more. Browse all of our Value-Add capabilities and learn more about the ones listed above. Contact our team or call toll-free in US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today to see how we can develop a precision solution to give you a competitive advantage or to request prototyping samples.