Heavy Construction Tubing

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Zeus has formulated, developed, and produced this special line of Heavy Construction Tubing for use where very high levels of strength, reliability, durability, and easy handling are required. The mechanical attributes of fluoropolymers are especially integral with Heavy Construction Tubing including low coefficient of friction, high heat resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Other preferred features of our tubing include chemical inertness and stability with low water absorption. Together, these features keep our polymer tubings in demand. Aside from strength, Zeus Heavy Construction Tubing is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and easily sterilized should this tubing be needed in a sterile environment. Our Heavy Construction Tubings are available in PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE.

To learn more about our Heavy Construction Tubing, custom sizing, or any of our other products, contact us or call toll-free in the US at 1-800-526-3842; internationally, you can reach us at +1-803-268-9500.


    Aerospace – We provide a range of convoluted tubing for flexible conduit to protect wires, cables, and fiber optics from abrasion due to this tubing’s mechanical integrity. Commonly ordered as Mil Spec 81914, Zeus can also form cuffs post-extrusion on convoluted tubing for applications requiring fittings. We offer tubing options with extended working temperature ranges with superior dielectric strengths.

    Automotive – Providing highly lubricious tubing for both fluid transfer and dry lubrication needs, our heavy construction tubing has excellent traits suited to the automotive industry. This high temperature durable tubing is available in customized shapes and transparencies, is chemically inert, and is UV resistant for longer life.

    Energy – Zeus provides several tubing options for temperature extremes which are excellent insulators for both electrical and heat applications. Because of their chemical inertness, these heavy construction tubings will not degrade when exposed to caustic environments and maintain their mechanical strength.

    Fiber Optics – Zeus convoluted tubing meets Mil Spec 81914 with several of our resins. Our products are excellent for housings and protecting delicate optical fibers while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and temperature endurance. These materials are also chemically inert and UV resistant.

    Fluid Management – For applications requiring superior chemical stability, we provide a range of tubing with maximum chemical inertness towards nearly all acids, bases, hydrocarbons, and other solvents. This tubing possesses excellent mechanical integrity and high temperature endurance for diverse critical fluid transfer applications. Our PFA HP is a SEMI F-57 certified material.

    Medical and Laboratory – Where sterility and cleanliness are most important, we provide multiple heavy construction tubing options for these critical demands. We make tubings which can be used in many medical and laboratory settings including critical fluid transfer, HPLC analytical applications, and instrumentation purposes. Our tubings withstand ETO, autoclave, e-beam, and gamma sterilizations.


    Easily Sterilized – These tubings are good options for medical and laboratory applications because of their capacity to withstand a range of sterilization protocols including gamma, ETO, e-beam, and autoclave.

    Low Water Absorption – Because our heavy construction tubing materials possess such low water absorption capabilities, you can be assured that your tubing will retain its electrical and mechanical properties, its dimensions, and not contaminate its contents.

    Non-Allergenic – Our heavy construction tubing options do not cause allergic reactions and thus are amenable to repeated handling.

    Non-Toxic – The materials from which our heavy construction tubing is made are inherently chemically unreactive and thus possess no toxicity.

    Strength – These heavy construction tubing options (including PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE) are extremely well suited for a variety of applications requiring strength and durability. These tubings convey stability, ruggedness, and reliability all while maintaining their flexibility.