Heat Shrink Over Mandrels

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Applying heat shrink tubing over various parts such as mandrels can be time consuming. During the product development process, you may not have the time nor the equipment to assemble and apply heat shrink tubing over your parts and sub-components. At Zeus, we have the solution.

Our expertise in manufacturing precision fluoropolymer heat shrink affords us the unique ability to perform efficient heat shrinking over customer-supplied mandrels. Rather than having to optimize additional production processes, our customers choose us to perform these operations for them. Our equipment and knowledge of heat shrink allow us to quickly and efficiently cover your components and assemblies reducing your equipment and labor costs while saving valuable production time.

Zeus Solutions

Our customers turn to us to supply them with recovered assemblies. Whether a hundred parts for prototyping and validation or for full-scale production of completed parts, Zeus has the personnel, equipment, and technology to assist. We take the burden from your shoulders so you can focus on other priorities. If you choose to assemble parts in-house, we can help there as well.

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