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At Zeus, we offer numerous optimization and secondary value-add services to help you get the most out of your product. We are a leader in polymer extrusion and follow up our base products with a broad range of additional specialized services available to you – our customer.

We provide supplementary services for a range of specialized applications whether you need to increase economies of scale, improve yields, increase manufacturing efficiencies, or increased ease of use. Our portfolio of value-added services has grown through our continuous engagement of customers to learn what services they prefer most.

We perform our value-add services in-house which eliminates processing steps for you to save time and money – a must to stay ahead in a cost-competitive environment. For specialty applications where you require a unique shaped hole in a single lumen or in a multi-lumen tube without penetrating the adjacent lumens, a skiving operation may be preferred over drilling or punching.

Skived tubing is often found in application where a hole in the tubing is desired after the tubing has been joined to another component. The skived hole then provides access to the lumen for wiring, irrigation, drainage, and other instrumentation. Typical applications of skived tubing include infusion devices, fluid sampling, catheters, and wound drainage.

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