Tube Bonding

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Every day we at Zeus strive to provide maximum value for your products and applications. We offer a broad array of value-added services for your advanced uses. We perform these services in-house eliminating processing steps from your production saving you time and money.

Tube bonding is used to create a part with properties not possible though conventional extrusion. This process involves melting or welding multiple tubes together through various technologies including thermal, RF, or infrared heat. Applications requiring the advanced properties of fluoropolymers are ideally suited for Zeus’ bonding technologies because the fusion process is performed without the use of adhesives. Applications for tube bonding range from medical device sub-components to analytical science assemblies. In these applications, custom extruded components are assembled and fused together to form a single tubular assembly.


We can perform multiple types of bonding including butt welding where tubings are joined end-to-end; insertion welding where one tube is inserted in the other prior to bonding; variable durometer welding to join tubings of different hardnesses; and side bonding (such as our Dual Tube™) whereby a single unit of two independent tubes of similar or variable sizes stays together until separation is required.

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