Reinforced Optical Fiber

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An optical fiber’s ability to perform is often influenced by the environment to which it is subjected. While fiber optics may function in many environments with just a primary coating, harsh environments such as oil and gas exploration may demand a ruggedized secondary coating to provide additional protection during deployment and operation.

More industries today than ever before rely on fiber optics for communication, sensing and a host of other growing applications. Zeus offers an array of polymer reinforced optical fiber options to make fibers more robust. These fibers support applications that require additional mechanical strength and resistance to radiation, chemicals and abrasion. Zeus offers single-mode (SM) and multimode (MM) optical fibers strengthened with polymers such as PEEK, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, and FEP.

PEEK Reinforced Optical Fiber

PEEK reinforced optical fiber enables performance in harsh environments up to 260 °C (500 °F) with our 100% PEEK secondary coating, which maintains strain transfer and optical properties while being free of compression-induced attenuation in continuous lengths up to 15,000 ft (4.572 km). With superior strength, abrasion, and temperature resistance, PEEK reinforced optical fiber easily withstands the rigors of oil and gas exploration such as in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) applications. PEEK coating thrives in chemical, steam, and radiological environments making it highly suited for the nuclear industry. PEEK reinforced optical fiber is likewise ideal for monitoring structural integrity as an embedded sensor. Protection with PEEK extends the life of fiber optics reducing premature redeployment costs as well as the associated labor and time.

Fiber optics are quickly replacing copper wire and finding new applications across an array of industries. Contact us to learn more about our polymer reinforced optical fibers, loose tubes, and encapsulation products. Or call us 1-800-526-3842 toll-free in the US or internationally at +1-803-268-9500.

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