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Polyimides (PI) are a family of high performing polymers which include an imide linkage as their central identifying element. Polyimide plastics are particularly known for their high temperature and mechanical performance in addition to their chemical resistance. PI plastics exhibit exceptional thermal stability throughout high and low temperatures and excellent insulating performance through a range of environments and frequencies. These properties and more have led to polyimide’s widespread use in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries.

PI And PI Glide™

Zeus polyimide products are available in both tubing and coated wire configurations. Both tubing and coated wire options are available in conventional polyimide forms or in a high-lubricity version, PI Glide™, a polyimide + PTFE composite. PI Glide™ is an excellent lubricious alternative for applications that do not require the performance of pure PTFE. For medical devices especially, Zeus PI and PI Glide™ tubing products comply with REACH and EU MDR guidelines regarding SVHC/CMR restricted substances and allow customers to complete their catheter construction with products from a single source.

Polyimide Tubing

Polyimide tubing can be produced in extremely small dimensions for both wall thickness and inside diameter. Polyimide tubing can also be provided in multi-layered forms combining PI and PI Glide™ layers. This layered construction allows tubing properties to be further tailored to its intended application. As an example, a PI / Glide™ tube can have a lubricious PI Glide™ inside diameter (ID) with a bondable polyimide outside diameter (OD) or vice versa. Other tubing properties can also be modified by layering PI and PI Glide™ together.

Polyimide tubing provides:

  • Consistent Properties At Small Dimensions
  • Biocompatibility
  • High Tensile Strength

Polyimide Coated Wire

Polyimide can be provided in extremely thin layers coated onto wire. PI and PI Glide™ are available for coated wire applications, and these can be applied onto multiple substrates such as copper, nitinol, stainless steel, and silver plated copper. Coated wire can be used for both medical and non-medical applications such as coated pull wires, lead wires (insulated wire), release mandrels, and more.

Polyimide coated wire provides:

  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • High Temperature Tolerance

Typical polyimide products are in natural amber or dark color.

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    Catheters – Polyimide tubing can be used for both vascular and non-vascular catheter construction. With its extremely small sizing capabilities, polyimide tubing can be produced to reach the smallest sized vasculatures while retaining strength and rigidity for pushability. PI Glide™ tubing ID enhances interior lubricity.

    Lead Wires (Insulated Wire) – PI and PI Glide™ coatings for wires provide excellent dielectric benefit and abrasion resistance. Polyimide coatings can be applied to copper, silver plated copper, nitinol, and stainless steel wire. Coating with PI Glide™ lowers surface friction for the coated wire.

    Lumen For Guidewires – Polyimide tubing, with its thin walls and sufficient stiffness, provides an excellent lumen through which to pass guidewires for vascular interventions. Similar to PI tubing for catheter shafts, using PI Glide™ for the guidewire lumen improves deliverability and abrasion resistance.

    Release Mandrels – PI Glide™ coated mandrels provide sufficient lubricity for easy removal at the conclusion of the build process.


    Abrasion Resistance – Polyimide possesses excellent resistance to abrasion and has wear properties rivalling even those of PEEK.

    Chemical Resistance – Polyimides are chemically resistant to acids, hydrocarbons, and common solvents.

    Class VI Biocompatibility – Polyimide family products (including PI Glide™) are fully biocompatible for use within the body.

    Coefficient Of Friction – PI Glide™ possesses a low coefficient of friction for ease of insertion of coated wires, tools, and other micro-sized devices within a tube.

    Dielectric Properties – Polyimides display very good dielectric properties, meaning they also provide insulation in addition to physical and mechanical protection.

    Tensile Strength – Polyimides as a family are known for their high strength, and Zeus polyimide products show exceptional tensile strength even at very small dimensions.

    Thermal Stability – Polyimide materials exhibit exceptional thermal stability through both high and low temperatures.

    REACH / EU MDR Compliant – Polyimide tubing products (including PI Glide™) adhere to EU regulations for REACH and MDR compliance.

    * Our thorough analytical test results indicate that no SVHC/CMR restricted substances are intentionally included in Zeus-supplied polyimide products at levels above the 0.1% threshold outlined by REACH and EU MDR.

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