Biomaterials – substances and materials that can safely interact with the body – have become a driving force in medical innovation. At Zeus, we saw a need and pursued a solution: We have expanded our capabilities in this area to develop the most advanced biomaterials in the industry.

From bioabsorbable tubing and microporous monofilaments to electrospun composite membranes and more, Zeus provides a host of biomaterial products designed to safely exist within the body and meet the growing needs of the medical device industry.

Absorv™ Bioabsorbable Extrusions
Absorv™ bioabsorbable extrusions are an ideal choice for medical applications that require an alternative to metal stents or other long-term implantable components. Made from absorbable synthetic polyesters, including poly(L-lactide) (PLLA), poly(glycolide) (PGA), poly-ε-caprolactone (PCL), polydioxanone (PDO), and others, Absorv™ extrusions are capable of safely existing in the body for controlled lengths of time before being absorbed without causing harm or adverse interactions.

Bioweb™ PTFE/PU Composite Membranes
Bioweb™ is a non-woven composite membrane produced by electrospinning biocompatible PTFE and PU into polymeric nanofibers. Collectively, these nanofibers form a product that provides an efficient adhesion platform for stents and scaffolds, enabling low-profile encapsulation without sutures at a much lower temperature (266 F° / 130 °C) than traditional ePTFE coverings (572 °F / 300 °C) for a wider variety of encapsulation possibilities.

Aeos™ ePTFE Products
Made by expanding PTFE under controlled conditions, Zeus Aeos™ ePTFE features a unique structure of solid nodes interconnected by fibrils. This versatile material is ideal for applications that demand porosity, flexibility, and strength. Aeos™ ePTFE is available in multiple forms, including Aeos™ ePTFE Membranes and Ribbons; Aeos™ ePTFE Porous Tubing; and Aeos™ ePTFE Sutures, Monofilament, and High Strength Monofilament.

Visit these individual product pages for more information about their specific characteristics and applications. Contact our team or call toll-free in US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 Internationally today for samples to begin prototyping your biomaterial.

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