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Biomaterials – substances and materials that can safely interact with the body – have become a driving force in medical innovation. At Zeus, we saw a need and pursued a solution: We have expanded our capabilities in this area to develop the most advanced biomaterials in the industry.

Recognizing the emerging trend of using biomaterials in medical markets, Zeus has developed a host of products that align with industry requirements. In many cases, our team can customize product features such as mechanical properities, absorbtion rates and tailor porosity to create unique products for your new design concept.

Absorv™ Bioabsorbable products are made from absorbable synthetic polyester polymers such as PLLA, PGA, and PCL and a range of co-polymers which have varying degradation rates and strengths. Absorv™ bioabsorbable tubing is an alternative to traditional polymer tubing or metal components used in stents. Absorv™ products have proven to be an excellent candidate for innovative applications such as wound closure in addition to a number of other vascular and non-vascular applications. These bioabsorbable products can perform their given function for a controlled amount of time and then safely disappear.

Bioweb™ electrospun composites offer novel alternatives to traditional stent graft materials thanks to their microporous structure and increased surface area promoting cellular in-growth. This non-woven material is made from electrospinning, a process which produces fine non-oriented and thin polymeric fibers from PTFE and other materials. We have the capabilities to spin membranes and develop composite 3-D nonwovens for coating substrates such as stents.

Aeos™ ePTFE is made by expanding PTFE under controlled conditions to create a microporous structure. Membranes have a bi-directional orientation and controlled pore sizes making them ideal products in applications like endovascular stent grafts. We offer Aeos™ ePTFE in several product forms encompassing extruded tubing, high tensile monofilament – including suture materials, and membranes.

Visit these individual product pages for more information about their specific characteristics and applications. Contact our team or call toll-free in US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 Internationally today for samples to begin prototyping your biomaterial.

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