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For standard size monofilament or specialty drawn fiber products, Zeus performance fibers provide the versatility and suitability for almost any application. Whether braiding for wire harnesses or catheters, woven for a filter, or chopped for composites, our fibers excel in the most demanding environments and are made to the highest standards.

With our half-century of experience, Zeus has developed the expertise and technology to manufacture precision monofilament and drawn fibers from a multiple resins. You will find our performance fibers in a broad range of applications where lubricity, high tensile strength, and optical clarity are paramount. Our fibers exhibit excellent temperature resistance and stand up to abrasion minimizing the effects of wear. We offer FEP, PFA, PEEK, PVDF, and ETFE as both monofilament and drawn fiber with PTFE and LCP available as monofilament; other resins may be available as monofilament or drawn fiber by request.

Zeus monofilament drawn fiber can be woven into ribbons (also referred to as suction tape) to form conveyor belts for the pulp paper and food processing industries. Drawn Fiber is also commonly utilized to form an expandable and flexible braided sleeve to protect wires and cables from abrasion, chaffing, and chemicals. As a woven mesh, drawn fiber works as a filter or mist eliminator in volatile environments taking advantage of its excellent chemical and moisture resistance.

Customization is key

Looking for a custom size or tolerance? At Zeus, we specialize in customization. While our standard product sizes range from 0.002″ (0.051 mm) to 0.040″ (1.016 mm), other sizes are possible by request. We also offer rectangular profiles as small as 0.001″ (0.025 mm) × 0.003″ (0.076 mm) and engineered surfaces to provide customized shapes and enhance the lubricity of your monofilament products.

As an ultra-precise extrusion, our custom monofilaments find use in minimally invasive surgical devices such as catheters and endoscopes for navigating the body’s tortuous pathways. Medical device engineers are prototyping our LCP (liquid crystal polymer) monofilament as braiding reinforcement in catheters. This innovative fiber enables catheters to be constructed that are compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures.

Also for catheter construction, the lubricity and smooth surface finish of PTFE have made this material a popular option for use as the inside diameter (liner) of the catheter during construction. PTFE monofilament can be used as forming or process mandrels in catheter construction and other medical applications. Once the medical device is formed, the PTFE is easily drawn out and removed.

For custom monofilament profiles, we work with you from the earliest stages of the design. Through our expert staff and world-class analytical laboratories, we can test, evaluate, and provide suggestions to help you achieve the product that is just right for your application.

Custom Colors

Colors are often used for application specifics or branding purposes. All of our monofilament and drawn fiber resins are available with pigments to add color, and we can match most Pantone shades.*

Whether your application demands a custom extrusion, a specialty profile, an engineered surface, or one of our standard size performance fiber products, the Zeus team is ready to assist. Our monofilament and drawn fiber products are available in standard sizes and resins with extensive customization options available for resins, tolerances, and sizes.

Explore our monofilament and drawn fiber pages to discover how we can help you. Contact our team or call toll-free in US (800) 526-3842 or (803) 268-9500 internationally today and speak with our technical account managers directly or request free samples.

* Please note that all custom requests are dependent upon the functionality of the material. Coloring is contingent upon the material and color selection.

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