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There are many times when you may want to further elevate the performance of your polymer tubing for more specialized uses. For those occasions, we provide the additional option of custom fillers to enhance the properties of your base polymer resin; this allows you to get the most out of your polymer product and maximize your end value.

Reaching many industries, our custom filler tubing is used in a wide range of environmental extremes and demanding situations. We have the experience and know-how to be successful in these arenas and can provide solutions you need today.

Medical Uses and Radio Opaque (RO) Tubing

In the medical field, our tubing has become a mainstay. To keep up with the latest innovations and regulations, we continue to do our part to provide products with the highest utility. For example, fluoroscopes made with our PTFE tubing can be provided with bismuth added to aid visualization during invasive procedures. This visualization allows the physician to see a surgically implantable device during the procedure and successfully place it where it needs to be. Furthermore, bismuth allows the medical device to be visualized on routine radiograph diagnostics and is well accepted in the medical profession to be in contact with the body.

In a similar manner as bismuth, barium is used in FEP tubing for fluoroscopes to provide visualization during fluoroscopic procedures. Barium, too, is medically accepted to be in contact with the body.

Aside from these specific examples, we provide radio opaque tubing (also known as x-ray tubing) with barium and bismuth extruded from PEEK, PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ECTFE resins. Radio opaque THV tubing is also available with bismuth. Furthermore, many of these resins are available to be co-extruded with radio opaque striping instead of fillers.

Other applications include radio opaque titanium dioxide-filled Pebax, PTFE, selected nylons, and FEP. Tungsten-filled radio opaque other parts may also be possible by request.

Non-medical Industry Uses

Many applications of our tubing outside of the medical industry require additional filler customizations. For example, small glass beads can be blended into resins such as PTFE during extrusion to produce a tubing with improved abrasion resistance for use in harsh mechanical environments. Glass-filled PTFE enhances the tubing’s bondability. The finished tubing is extremely strong and possesses increased corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Glass filled tubing also exhibits reduced coefficient of thermal expansion – important in high heat environments.

Bronze fillers increase creep resistance and machinability of the finished tubing. Bronze filled tubing also has a low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity.

Carbon fillers help to dissipate static that can be present in many applications. The carbon additive also increases resistance to wear when heavy loads are in constant contact with the tubing. Carbon filled tubing is black in color.

Contact us here or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today to find out more about how our customizable fillers can improve your product or if you do not see a filler option that you are looking for.

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