Bump / Draw Down Tubing

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Utilizing various manufacturing and value-added processes, Zeus has developed the technology to vary the inside and outside diameter of tubing along the length of the extrusion. Often referred to as Bump Tubing, Draw Downs, or Bubble Tubing, this modification allows unique solutions to be generated for ever-expanding markets. Typical applications for this technology utilize the variability in dimensions for the attachment of fittings and parts and adjustments in flexibility.

At Zeus, we can form drawn downs with very tight tolerances. Bump taper lengths are available from 2″ (51 mm) to 100″ (2.54 m). Draw down transition taper lengths are available from 0.03″ (0.76 mm) to 2″ (51 mm). These options are available in multiple resin choices including PEEK, PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, Nylons, Pebax, and PE.

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