Product Analysis and Enhancement

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With over 50 years of experience, Zeus has become a global leader in polymer extrusion technology. Our understanding of the chemistry, characteristics, strengths, and limitations of our materials allows us to precisely tailor the ways that your polymer product will perform in your application. We utilize a scientific process of resin selection, modification, and additives to improve upon base resins and find solutions for customers every day.

Our polymer modifications include a range of special options to impart or mitigate various traits inherent in base resin extruded polymer products. Common resin additives available include bismuth and barium to improve the radio-opacity, carbon for static dissipation, glass to enhance abrasion resistance, and bronze fillers to increase creep resistance and machinability, to name just a few.

Customer challenges such as these are addressed by a team of the most experienced polymer experts in the industry, an advanced analytical lab, and a dedicated research and development facility. We also have memberships in AAMI, ASQ, ASTM, and SPI.

Our Research and Development division is continually striving towards innovation and the creation of new polymer solutions. Contact us or call 1-800-526-3842 to learn about how these modifications can improve your products.