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Drawn Fiber: Chemical and Mechanical Features

Possessing a practical knowledge and understanding on material, properties, and environment will help you choose a drawn fiber that is best fit for your needs. This technical paper explores many important topics, including drawn fiber vs. conventional monofilament, fluorine chemistry and drawn fiber polymers, unique features of PVDF, and how chemical features translate to critical mechanical attributes.
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In-Process Monitoring of Induction Welding of Thermoplastic Composites Based on Fiber Optics

Successful induction welding of thermoplastic composites relies on assuring temperature and applied pressure to be in a certain window for a specific time period. In this technical paper, you will discover how a team of researchers from UofSC, Luna Inc., and Zeus Inc. conducted in-process monitoring to ease process control and design changes, and allow for feedback control in the welding process.
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LCP Introduction to Liquid Crystal Polymers

From their first discovery in the laboratory to the realization that liquid crystals also exist in biology, these unique molecules are now omnipresent in a broad spectrum of modern-day applications. In this technical paper, we will discuss many important topics, including the unique structure of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs), vital application-specific properties, and how LCP monofilament compares with other non-metal catheter braidings.
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Low-Temperature Solution Depolymerization of PLA

Zeus engineers have developed a new biopolymer recycling technology to support a circular economy. This technical paper goes over many important topics, including various ways to recover value from end-of-life plastics, two suitable solutions to depolymerize PLA, advantages of the low-temperature depolymerization process, and more.
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