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Tapering is one of our many available value-add customization services. This process creates an angled or tapered tube end on your polymer tubing product. Tube tapering can be performed in two different ways:

For an outside diameter (OD) only taper, the outer or outside tube wall is thinned to create the taper leaving the inside diameter (ID) of the tube unchanged, including the tapered section.

Taper length, taper angle, and taper tube dimensions are customizable.

OD only tapering is best suited to melt resins. We recommend FEP, LDPE, HDPE, PEEK, and nylons for this kind of tapered plastic tubing.

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For an ID and OD taper, both the ID and OD of the tapered portion of the plastic tube are reduced while also thinning the tube wall over the length of the taper if needed.

As with an OD only taper, taper length, taper angle, and taper tube dimensions are customizable for ID and OD tapers.

ID and OD tube tapering can be performed on tubing made from any of our resins.

To learn more about tapering or any of our other value-add services, contact us or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842. Internationally, you can reach us at +1-803-268-9500. Let us help you develop just the right tapered tubing solution for your application.