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For more than 50 years, Zeus has built a reputation on extruding precision fluoropolymers. Our growth during that time, however, has given us expertise in many other important areas. We are much more than just extruders of PTFE; we are also your one-stop-shop for customizations.

At Zeus, we manufacture custom extrusions from materials such as nylon, EVA, Pebax®, MFA, PEEK, EFEP, and more. We have manufactured co-extrusions with two materials combined in one tubing profile and also combined different types of materials to offer a new extruded product option altogether.

Looking for a custom size or tolerance?

Zeus extrusions are available in a broad range of diameters from 0.001″ (0.025 mm) to 12″ (304 mm) and above depending on the selected product line. Our team can direct the outside (OD), inside diameter (ID), wall size, and tolerance of virtually all of our products.

Heat shrink tubing has a high degree of customization available to customers. We can control the expanded ID, recovered ID, shrink ratio, longitudinal change, and recovered wall size to provide a secure “shrink to fit” encapsulation over your critical parts. We can customize the ODs, shape, tenacity, and tolerance of drawn fibers and monofilaments to your exact needs.

Aside from our PEEK insulated wire, our team makes custom insulated wires using other polymers. For designers with special requirements, we can extrude custom shapes (such as splines) over conductors to provide unique options for designers that have special requirements.

What coloring options are available to you?

Colors are often used for part identification, identification of tubing contents, or branding purposes. In aerospace applications, convoluted tubing is often colored purple to denote fiber optics. Doctors utilizing minimally invasive catheters in GI/endoscopy procedures benefit from the visualization provided by spiral stripe heat shrink tubing to denote movement of a guide wire during a procedure. Zeus offers its extrusions in many different colors, including stripes, with the ability to match most pantone shades.*

Contact our team today or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally to learn more about customized materials, sizes, and colors.

* Please note that all custom requests are dependent upon the functionality of the material. Coloring is contingent upon the material and color selection.

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