Coloring Plastics

Introduction to Coloring Plastics

Color measurement and matching may seem to be simple topics, but they represent some of the greatest challenges and difficulties in the plastics processing industry. Understanding color is more than just picking a Pantone® shade. Getting the appearance of the product or component right is fundamental to getting the final product right – it is the first thing a customer sees, and mistakes can result in costly rejects.

Color is not just visually important. Due to increasing legislation, particularly in the area of heavy metal colorants such as chromium-6, the replacement of many traditional colorants with alternatives that have different performance characteristics and processing are being created (see our RoHS and WEEE information). Color not only affects our emotional response to a product, it is an emotional subject in its own right.

Standard Colors

Standard colors are produced to a Pantone® chart color range; we can also produce custom colors from tubing samples or other subcomponents to meet your unique specification. At Zeus, we will work closely with you to match colors to the Pantone® range that is just right for your application.

If matching a Pantone® chart color is critical in your application, Zeus recommends that you have a physical Pantone® chart available on-hand for accurate color results. Pantone® chart colors do not reproduce accurately through the process of digital reproduction, and we do not recommend this approach. We use the most updated revision chart from Pantone, Inc.

Please note that there may be some color variation due to pigment changes from variation by lot. We will strive to minimize this variance and to give you the best finished product for your application. Zeus has also developed the technology to extrude tubing with an integrated straight or spiral stripe of a contrasting color for identification or heightened visibility.

Minimums and pricing for colors will vary, so please contact us or call 1-800-526-3842 for assistance.

Zeus Capabilities

  • Pantone® chart color matching (please have your own Pantone® chart available for color verification)
  • Custom colors from tubing samples
  • Striping – Straight or Spiral
  • OD-only Striping
  • “Natural” colors available
  • Translucent available in some materials
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant colors available