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Zeus Dual Tube™ is a superior and easy handling fluoropolymer tubing used for water monitoring and other critical fluid management applications. It is produced as a single unit of two independent but adjacent tubes of similar or variable sizes that stay together until separation is required.

Zeus Dual Tube™ is supplied in smooth, tangle-free, and extra-long continuous lengths. This specialized tubing is tough, durable, and chemically inert so that samples collected using it are unaffected and remain pure and free of mineral and organic sediments.

After use, Dual Tube™ can be separated leaving each tube with a smooth surface; these surfaces are free from flaws, ridges, flat spots, and other defects that could affect sealing. This enables the Dual Tube™ to be connected and disconnected as often as needed.

Dual Tube’s™ performance is unaffected by long-term exposure to contaminants. The material is simple to clean and reuse. Zeus Dual Tube™ can be manufactured from FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) and PE (polyethylene) in a variety of configurations.

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    Critical Fluids – Many industries revolve around their critical fluids management stream, and thus a premium is paid to sustaining quality in this area. Whether for analytical applications such as a lubricant or as a primary component, Dual Tube™ provides another means to insure fluid cleanliness and that your tubing does not contribute to fluid degradation or contamination.

    Water Monitoring – Something as important as water quality requires a material to insure the highest possible testing integrity. Dual Tube’s™ unique construction isolates and protects collected samples for the truest accuracy in water quality measurements. Such applications could include municipal water systems, remediation of contaminated sites; or pumping out seepage from landfills, wells, and other fluid storage tanks.


    Accurate and Effective Monitoring – Our Dual Tube™ enables you to maintain accurate fluid monitoring by maintaining separation of your monitoring samples.

    Consistent Sampling Results – Fluids using Dual Tube™ have added protection from contaminants and are kept separate from adjacent sampling tubes.

    Superior Reliability – Because Dual Tube™ can tolerate long-term exposure to chemicals, the fluids within it have an enhanced reliability for consistency.

    Water Sample Integrity – Perhaps no other sampling activity is as important as water sampling. Zeus Dual tube™ insures that these samples are unaffected by their tubing device. The dependability provided by Dual Tube™ affords a greater degree of confidence in the reliability of these samples.

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  • Capabilities / Sizing

    Dual Tube™ Measurements
    OD 1 ID 1 OD 2 ID 2
    1/2 12.70 3/8 9.53 1/2 12.70 3/8 9.53
    3/8 9.53 1/4 6.35 1/4 6.35 1/8 3.18
    1/4 3.65 1/8 3.18 1/4 6.35 1/8 3.18
    1/2 12.70 3/8 9.53 3/8 9.53 1/4 6.35
    1/2 12.70 3/8 9.53 1/4 6.35 1/8 3.18
    3/8 9.53 1/4 6.35 3/8 9.53 1/4 6.35