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At Zeus, we strive to provide you with maximum value for your particular product and application. We are pleased to offer a broad array of value-added services for your advanced uses. Our ability to perform these services in-house eliminates processing steps and improves your manufacturing efficiency saving you time and money.

Tipping the end of a plastic tube is one of the optimized tubing solution services we perform for our customers to add value to their finished product. Tipping is the forming or creation of a radius or chamfer on the end of the tube to facilitate the assembly of parts. In finished medical devices such as catheters, tipping is used to ease the insertion of the device into the body.

Tipping Capabilities

Through an extensive investment in our value-adding capabilities, our engineers have developed a broad portfolio of tipping capabilities. Thermoforming technology can be used to create a radius at the tube tip in a variety of customer-specified designs. Specialty grinding can be used in applications where thermoforming may not be possible.

From a slight easing of the tube’s edge to pronounced tips, Zeus can perform a range of tipping operations. Over the years we have explored a broad portfolio of tipping configurations ranging from decreasing the inside diameter (ID) of the tube as the tip profile changes to a complete closure of the end of the tube at the tip.

Tipping Quality

Our reputation for manufacturing precision tubing was built upon our commitment to quality. We bring this same philosophy to the value added operations which we perform. Our quality department has developed new and innovative inspection methods for the customer-specific parts we manufacture. This philosophy ensures that you receive the quality product you deserve.

Contact our team or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today to see how we can develop a precision solution to give you a competitive advantage or to request prototyping samples.

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