Custom Insulated Wire Materials, Sizes, and Colors

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For more than 50 years, we have built our reputation as a leader in precision extrusion technologies. More than just an extruder of PTFE tubing, we have expanded our expertise to many other areas and have now become a preferred partner when it comes to custom insulated wire products for our customers. They trust us to be their one-stop-shop for unique parts and tailored product qualities just for their needs.

At Zeus, we extrude custom insulated wire from a variety of materials. We can extrude PTFE, PEEK, FEP, PFA, and more over various wiring types and shapes creating products that excel in a host of advanced applications. We also produce co-extrusions, or double-insulated wire, with two materials over conductors to give specific attributes to a finished product.

Looking for a custom extruded shape over wire, size, or tolerance?

PEEK insulated wire extrusion are available in a range of AWG sizes. We can also extrude PEEK insulated wire over a variety of wire types in additional sizes and tolerances to create a tailor-made wire that can be used precisely in your application. While most known for our PEEK insulated wire, our team also extrudes custom shapes over wire conductors from a variety of materials. We can extrude custom shapes (such as splines made with PTFE) over conductors to meet your engineer’s special design requirements.

What coloring options are available to you?

Colors are often used for wiring identification or branding purposes. Zeus offers its insulated wire extrusions in many different colors, including stripes, with the ability to match almost any pantone shade.*

Contact us today or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally to learn more about customized insulated wire materials, sizes, and colors.

* Please note that all custom requests are dependent upon the functionality of the material. Coloring is contingent upon the material and color selection.

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