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Aeos™ ePTFE products from Zeus feature microscopic pores in the material structure. Made by expanding PTFE under controlled conditions, these porous products are imparted with unique physical properties that make them ideal for use in medical devices, electronic insulators, fiber optics, and many other applications.

The structure of Aeos™ ePTFE is composed of a number of solid nodes interconnected by a matrix of very thin fibrils. The spacing between nodes and fibrils – which can be manipulated during extrusion – allows the material to excel in applications requiring microporous qualities.

At Zeus, we continue to assist medical device engineers in bringing their design concepts and ideas to reality. We work closely with numerous manufacturers to assist them confidentially in the development of new products and technology. We also actively engage in many other arenas to facilitate and support advancements for our non-medical and industrial partners.

Through extensive investments in research and development, Zeus has advanced a wide range of Aeos™ ePTFE processing capabilities. Our ability to control broad aspects of the manufacturing process allows us to shape the physical and mechanical properties of Aeos™ ePTFE. The result is a unique material composed of a number of solid nodes interconnected by a matrix of thin fibrils. This matrix is what allows our Aeos™ ePTFE to excel in such diverse applications as sutures to desiccant packaging where microporous qualities are especially important.

Zeus Aeos™ ePTFE suture monofilament represents our latest offering using expanded PTFE. This suture material can be swaged onto needles up to a 1:1 ratio and is available as a component to create your own suture line while raising your brand awareness. These sutures maintain a soft feel with excellent drape and meet USP standards for knot strength.

Aside from biomedical applications, our Aeos™ ePTFE products are available as biaxially and uniaxially oriented tubing allowing enhanced structural property manipulation; ribbon and sheet material for filtration (gas and liquid); membranes which can be incorporated over implantable and non-implantable devices; and laminations (such as with urethanes or other plastics). Our Aeos™ ePTFE tubing is also available in multi-lumen form with multiple channels along the length of the tubing. Multi-lumen tubing is routinely used for irrigation or insertion of multiple tools, wires, fiber optics, and other components.

All Aeos™ ePTFE produced by Zeus is based on specific customer specifications, and the chart below will serve as a general capability guideline.

If your design requires a product with dimensions outside the standard ranges listed below, please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will work with you to develop a solution that is right for you.

Key Properties

Aeos™ ePTFE has many of the same exceptional attributes of PTFE but differs because it provides unique properties for applications requiring porosity. Our Aeos™ ePTFE is also biocompatible making it highly suited for use as biomaterial.

Internodal Distance (IND)

The amount of expansion in IND is a measure of the average distance between the material’s nodes. We are experienced in manufacturing Aeos™ ePTFE with IND ranges from 5 µm to over 100 µm (with size-dependent tolerances).

Zeus has expanded capabilities with Aeos™ ePTFE in many forms including:

  • Sutures
  • Tubing (biaxial and uniaxial oriented)
  • Multi-lumen
  • Profiles
  • Membranes (tentered and non-tentered)
  • Sheet material
  • Ribbon
  • Laminations (i.e. urethane with Aeos™ ePTFE)

All of our Aeos™ ePTFE is based on specific customer specifications. Our standard available sizes will serve as a general capability guide. If your design requires a product with dimensions outside of the standard ranges found in the sizing chart, please contact us or call 1-800-526-3842 to discuss your needs. At Zeus, we strive to develop the best solution for you, our customer.


    Dental – As bone barrier membranes, Aeos™ ePTFE provides a safe and non-toxic means to prevent gum from growing into grafted bone for procedures such as dental implants.

    Desiccant and Packaging Aids – Aeos™ ePTFE is breathable allowing air to pass while also filtering dust to protect sensitive electronics or other parts. The product is nonflammable, biocompatible, moisture blocking, and chemically inert. Our team can also pad print on your items to mark them as packaging aids.

    Fiber Optics  Aeos™ ePTFE is an excellent material to shield fiber optics from temperature extremes, block out moisture or aggressive chemicals, and reduce micro bend-induced attenuation. Aeos™ ePTFE is the most flexible tubing Zeus offers making it ideal for areas that require versatility and reliability with a single option.

    Filtration – As tentered membrane, this implantable material can be used as an IVC filter to allow circulation to be sustained while capturing unwanted blood contents. In a neurovascular setting, Aeos™ ePTFE membrane can be used to capture emboli.

    Implantation – The unique structure of Aeos™ ePTFE and its intermodal distance variability make this material particularly suited to applications requiring cell growth. ePTFE is a well-known material in medical research papers for its endothelization and thrombogenic properties. The PTFE resin has long been utilized for implantable medical devices because of its proven track record of biocompatibility.

    Zeus has performed independent testing and holds USP Class VI certification for our PTFE resins.  Medical applications include endovascular stent grafts, suture-like devices, cosmetic implants, dental and glass ionomer uses, structural heart, and tissue engineering.

    Sutures – This specially processed biocompatible monofilament possesses the knot strength, tenacity, soft feel, and drape preferred by surgeons. This material is developed for applications requiring permanently implantable and non-absorbable sutures. The microporous nature of this material allows new tissue to grow into and through individual sutures. Zeus Aeos™ ePTFE suture meets USP standards for knot strength and can be swaged onto needles up to a 1:1 ratio. We offer this material in bulk quantity for manufacture into your own suture allowing you to increase your brand profile.

    Wire and Cables – Aeos™ ePTFE is chemically inert, naturally hydrophobic, and remains flexible in high and low temperatures. Extruded in tubing, ribbon, or as a monofilament for a cable filler, this product line makes cables robust.


    Biocompatible – PTFE is well-documented in the medical field for its biocompatibility. Our Aeos™ ePTFE is USP Class VI approved and gives you, the customer, yet another option for your implantable or other medical device componentry.

    Broad Working Temperature – Aeos™ ePTFE has an extended working temperature range from 500 °F (260 °C) to -328 °F (-200 °C).

    Chemically Resistant – Zeus ePTFE is resistant to all common solvents, whether acid or base.

    Excellent Radial Expansion – To aid in manipulation over components, Aeos™ ePTFE tubing possesses exceptional radial expansion.

    Excellent UV Resistance – PTFE’s resistance to UV means that this material can be used outdoors and can also be UV sterilized.

    Flame Resistant – As suggested by its working temperature upper limit, Aeos™ ePTFE is flame resistant.

    High Linear Strength – This specialized material is very strong given its soft and flexible nature to provide superior support without sacrificing pliability.

    Low Coefficient Of Friction – The low coefficient of friction of Aeos™ ePTFE allows this tubing to be easily slipped over components for protection from chemicals, temperature extremes, and other environmental exposures.

    Low Dielectric Constant – For applications involving electrical wiring, Aeos™ ePTFE tubing is an ideal material for covering or encapsulation. This tubing has a low dielectric strength to maximize its insulation effects and increase electrical efficiency.

    Microporous – The internodal spacing of Aeos™ ePTFE means that this material is porous at the microscopic level providing a unique combination of breathability while also providing a barrier against unwanted contaminants.

    Soft and Flexible – These microporous products are soft and highly flexible to fit the most difficult applications, bends, and profiles.

    Watertight (low pressure) – While Aeos™ ePTFE is a microporous material, it retains sufficient integrity to block out water under low pressures.

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