Flaring and Flanging

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Zeus is capable of forming flares or flanges onto any of the tubing we manufacture. Continual investments in high capacity equipment as well as our in-house machine shop guarantee top quality performance and rapid turnaround.

Flaring and Flanging

Our customers often ask for modifications to their tubing based on their particular needs. Flaring improves accessibility to the interior of the tubing to facilitate insertion of tools, fluids, stents, wires and optical fibers, or other instruments.

Flaring. We can form flares on the tubing which we manufacture to create easier pathways to insert medical stents, wires, optical fiber, and other instruments into the inside diameter (ID) of the extrusion.

Flanging. This modification is often used to facilitate the attachment of tubing to fittings and provides a mechanical stop at the tubing end.

Zeus’ expertise in manufacturing fluoropolymer tubing has led to the development of unique capabilities for flaring and flanging tubing. Through investment in R&D and Engineering, Zeus has developed automated flaring lines and special tooling giving us unsurpassed capabilities in these areas.

Experience, equipment, and capacity are the reasons our customers have chosen Zeus for their value-add operations. Additionally, we have developed a wide range of tooling parts required to produce many common flare angles and sizes reducing your lead times and costs.

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