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The Unique Challenge of Printing on Fluoropolymers

The non-stick properties of fluoropolymers make them ideally suited for a wide range of innovative applications. When it comes to printing on tubing, however, the non-adhesive properties of these polymers prevent the adhesion of inks to the tubing surface. To address these issues, Zeus has developed a range of laser marking capabilities for a broad spectrum of applications from critical fluid handling to medical applications.

Laser Marking Solutions From Zeus

Laser marking services from Zeus allow permanent printing of text or graphics along the length of the tube. The laser etches the design into the wall of the tubing resulting in a permanent non-contaminating mark that will not rub or wear off. Additionally, other recently developed processes utilize a laser to alter the color of pigments in the tubing wall resulting in a smooth marking process.

Laser Marking Applications

Laser marked tubing is ideal for part identification before and after the tubing is used in its final application. Markings can be text, light graphics, or other imprints. Standard and custom marking services are available as well as private labeling. Common marking include resin, size, lot number, and logos. Laser marking can be provided for PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, Nylons, Pebax, and PE resin tubing.

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