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Zeus Spiral Cut Cable Wrap Tubing is an expandable and highly flexible wrap for harnessing and insulating wires, cable, hoses, and other bundles. When installed over wire bundles, this product provides openings that allow individual leads to be “broken out” at any point, making it ideal for custom wiring and areas requiring frequent changing out and servicing.

From automotive engines to aerospace landing gear and more, Zeus Spiral Cut Tubing offers chemically inert, high temperature extrusions in a range of lengths, colors, and sizes. We can also create made-to-order spiral cut configurations upon request.

Zeus Spiral Cut Cable Wrap tubing is extruded to tight tolerances and then precision cut. Our Spiral Cut Tubing is easily assembled and keeps wiring managed. Where strength is important, we extrude performance resins such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, PEEK, and more which provide strong grip due to their memory properties and the proprietary manufacturing methods developed by Zeus. Our spiral cut products possess all of the features inherent in these resins including chemical inertness, high and low working temperatures, high lubriciousness, UV resistance, and V-0 flammability rating. For electrical wiring, our spiral cut tubing also offers excellent dielectric properties.

Zeus spiral cut tubing is expandable yet remains flexible allowing it to be applied over wires or cables that need organizing. Bundling with spiral cut tubing reduces vibration, protects from chaffing and wear, and the tubing is reusable. Because this product is applied without adhesives, it can also be easily removed leaving no glue or tape residue behind.

We offer a full range of vibrant custom colors for line or process identification including striped combinations. Unless otherwise specified, our Spiral Cut Cable Wrap is supplied in natural coloring. Mil Std. 104 code colors are available on request. For additional custom wiring or areas requiring frequent changing and servicing, Zeus Spiral Cut Cable Wrap tubing provides openings that allow individual lead wires or cables to be “broken out” anywhere along the bundle length. Our spiral cut tubing is available in left or right hand cut.

Zeus can manufacture Spiral Cut Tubing from most any tube. We will extrude this product to your specifications.

Contact our team or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today to see how we can develop a precision solution and give you a competitive advantage; you can also request prototyping samples.

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  • Capabilities and Sizing


    Ordered by Outside Diameter Cut from PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE Industrial Tubing Size Bundle Diameter Max. Pitch of Helical Cut
    ID OD
    in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm
    1/8 3.18 1/16 1.59 0.030 0.76 1/2 12.70 0.218 5.5372
    3/16 4.78  1/8 3.15 0.030 0.76 1 25.40 0.312 7.9248
    1/4 6.35 3/16 4.76 0.030 0.76 2 50.80 0.375 9.5250
    5/16 7.94 1/4 6.35 0.030 0.76 2–1/2 63.50 0.375 9.5250
    3/8 9.53 5/16 7.94 0.030 0.76 3 76.20 0.437 11.0998
    1/2 12.70 7/16 11.11 0.030 0.76 4 101.60 0.562 14.2748
    5/8 15.88 9/16 14.29 0.030 0.76 5 127.00 0.625 15.8750
    3/4 19.05 11/16 17.46 0.035 0.89 6 152.40 0.875 22.2250
    1 25.40 15/16 23.81 0.040 1.02 8 203.20 1.000 25.4000