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Available in two forms, PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire high bond, our PEEK wire offerings are ideally suited for electric motors, generators, transformers, solenoids, and other electromechanical equipment where exceptional performance in harsh environments is crucial.

PEEK Insulated Wire

Zeus PEEK insulated wire was developed specifically for use in challenging environments such as the oil and gas, aerospace, and electrical industries. PEEK insulated wire provides superior abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand intense pressures and exposure to caustic fluids. For some applications, little or no varnish is needed, and slot liners may not be required. PEEK insulated wire is best suited for applications in which hairpin windings are not required, such as in solenoids.

PEEK insulated wire is available with insulation thicknesses ranging from 0.001″ (0.025 mm) to 0.080″ (2.032 mm) and in American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes #3 to #40.

PEEK Wire High Bond

PEEK wire high bond (HB) offers a step up in performance over our standard PEEK insulated wire. As a single layer solution, PEEK wire HB enables motor designers to optimize insulation thickness and improve PDIV performance over enamel wire, paving the way for next generation motor designs in harsh environments. As a single layer, 100% PEEK solution, PEEK wire HB is ideally suited for applications that require tight bend radii, such as in axial flux motors with hairpin windings. Our patented extrusion technology enables superior bond and adhesion of the PEEK coating to the underlying conductor, resulting in a wire that can be wound tortuously with a reduced risk of delamination.

PEEK wire HB is available with insulation thickness ranging from 0.001” (0.025 mm) to 0.015” (0.381 mm) and in American Wire Gauge (AWG) sizes #8 to #26.

Both Zeus PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire HB are 100% AC spark tested during extrusion.* Both PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire HB are available by custom order. We can coat both wires in round, square, and rectangular profiles. We can also provide PEEK insulated wire over stranded, plated, and other wire forms. Splicing can be accomplished using Zeus PEEKshrink® heat shrink tubing.

PEEK wire HB utilizing bare annealed solid round copper wire meets ASTM B-3 standards.

To learn more about this or our other PEEK products, contact us or call 1-800-526-3842 toll-free in the US. Internationally, please call +1-803-268-9500.

*At coating thicknesses less than 0.001” (0.025 mm), PEEK wire HB exhibits no more than 15 spark faults per 100 feet. Between 0.001” and 0.002” (0.025 – 0.051 mm), PEEK wire HB exhibits no more than three spark faults per 100 feet. At thicknesses > 0.002” (0.051 mm), PEEK wire HB show no spark faults. Allowances for PEEK insulated wire are customized and based on various design requirements.


    Electric Motors – Both PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire HB impart ruggedness to electric motors while also providing all of the insulating and protecting properties for which PEEK is known. PEEK insulated wire is an ideal choice for electric motors that do not require tight bend radii, while PEEK wire HB is best-suited for motors that require tight, hairpin windings.

    Solenoids – Thin coated PEEK insulated wire allows solenoids to be made using maximum windings to produce a maximum magnetic field within a limited space.

    Wire and Cable – When high performance is needed in wire and cable applications.


    Abrasion Resistance – PEEK imparts superior abrasion resistance to the wire it is covering. Both PEEK insulated wire and PEEK wire HB can endure rugged environments allowing the covered wire to remain protected and to continue to function at a high level.

    Chemical Resistance – PEEK polymer is well-characterized for its broad chemical resistance spectrum protecting your wiring from corrosion and extending its work life.

    Dielectric Strength – With its excellent dielectric strength, PEEK wire minimizes the motor’s susceptibility to outside electrical interference.

    High Operating Temperature – PEEK polymer is well-known for its high operating temperature of up to 500 ºF (260 ºC).

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  • Sizing

    All PEEK Insulated Wire is custom ordered. Wall thicknesses available from 0.001” – 0.080” (0.025 mm – 2.032 mm) depending on the conductor size.

    PEEK Insulated Wire
    Size Nominal Bare Copper Diameter
    in. mm
    3 0.2294 5.8268
    4 0.2043 5.1892
    5 0.1819 4.6203
    6 0.1620 4.1148
    7 0.1443 3.6652
    8 0.1285 3.2639
    9 0.1144 2.9058
    10 0.1019 2.5883
    11 0.0907 2.3038
    12 0.0808 2.0523
    13 0.0720 1.8288
    14 0.0641 1.6281
    15 0.0571 1.4503
    16 0.0508 1.2903
    17 0.0453 1.1506
    18 0.0403 1.0236
    19 0.0359 0.9119
    20 0.0320 0.8128
    21 0.0285 0.7239
    22 0.0253 0.6426
    23 0.0226 0.5740
    24 0.0201 0.5105
    25 0.0179 0.4547
    26 0.0159 0.4039
    27 0.0142 0.3607
    28 0.0126 0.3200
    29 0.0113 0.2870
    30 0.0100 0.2540
    31 0.0089 0.2261
    32 0.0080 0.2032
    33 0.0071 0.1803
    34 0.0063 0.1600
    35 0.0056 0.1422
    36 0.0050 0.1270
    37 0.0045 0.1143
    38 0.0040 0.1016
    39 0.0035 0.0889
    40 0.0031 0.0787