Temperature Sensing

From ruggedized coatings to chemically resistant sheathing, Zeus products protect fiber optics allowing them to carry out vital sensing functions. Our polymer extrusions protect and extend the life of fiber optics sensing systems with minimal effect upon the inherent optical fibers properties. For temperature sensing especially, our polymer products can operate in cryogenic temperatures up to 500 °F (260 °C).


Polymer Reinforced Fiber

PFA, FEP, and ETFE Reinforced Optical Fiber

Zeus offers a variety of coatings for optical fibers designed to improve strength, chemical, and abrasion resistance. Polymers such as ETFE, FEP, and PFA provide a low coefficient of friction for maximum pushability and strain reduction for optical fibers. These coatings are also preferred for their broad temperature range. PFA and FEP in particular provide excellent chemical resistance.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Broad Working Temperature: Cryogenic To 500 °F (260 °C)
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Low Friction

Loose Tube And Spiral Wrap

PTFE Extrusions

Zeus extrusions provide multiple polymer sheathing options, or loose tube, to contain fiber optics. PTFE’s low coefficient of friction helps minimize strain transfer for temperature sensing. PTFE’s low water absorption and superior chemical resistance make it a perfect match for wet sensing applications as well.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Broad Working Temperature: Cryogenic To 500 °F (260 °C)
  • Low Friction
  • Wall Thickness Down To 0.00075″ (0.01905 mm)

PTFE Spiral Cut Tubing

Also known as spiral wrap, this tubing contains a helical cut along the length of the tube. Spiral cut tubing provides outstanding abrasion protection yet also allows liquid to reach the optical fiber sensor.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Inside Diameter Range: 1/16″ To 15/16″ (1.59 To 23.81 mm.)
  • Left- Or Right-Hand Cut
  • Custom Colors For Identification

Strain Management


Dual-Shrink™ is our special bilayer heat shrink that combines a heat shrinkable outer layer with a polymer inner layer to create a moisture-proof encapsulation for fiber optic cables and sensors. Dual-Shrink™ is available in two configurations: a PTFE / FEP (outer / inner) version and a low temperature FEP / EFEP (outer / inner) version for parts that cannot tolerate the higher recovery temperature of PTFE. Dual-Shrink™ is highly chemically resistant and possesses extremely low moisture absorption; these traits make Dual-Shrink™ particularly well-suited to wet environments. Dual-Shrink™ is beneficial when used to strain lock optical fiber to minimize strain effect during temperature sensing. Strain locking with Dual-Shrink™ works with multiple sensing methods.

Sizing Capabilities:
  • Expanded ID Minimum: 036″ (0.914 mm.)
  • Expanded ID Maximum: 1.0″ (25.4 mm.)
  • Recovered Wall Thickness Maximum: 0.065″ (1.651 mm.)