Catheter Components

Zeus produces nearly all of the components necessary for the construction of vascular and non-vascular catheters. From mandrels to liners to heat shrink manufacturing aids, Zeus performance extrusions are the source for your minimally invasive device components. These Class VI approved components are highly customizable and can be tailored to just about any catheter build.

Forming And Support Mandrels

Used as the core on which the catheter is built, mandrels help shape the inside diameter (ID) of the catheter during production, and are key to providing consistent IDs and smooth inner surfaces for the finished device.

Catheter Liners

The first layer or component placed on the mandrel during catheter construction is the liner, or base liner. The liner will become the inner lumen of the completed catheter.

Bonding And Adhesion

To improve adhesion between the inner liner and outer jacketing, an ultra-thin thermoplastic coating, or tie layer, may be applied.  This melt-bondable surface helps prevent delamination and ultimately improves catheter performance and patient safety.

Catheter Braiding, Coiling, And Reinforcement

Braiding provides strengthening and mechanical reinforcement to the catheter. While most catheters are produced with metal braiding, advances in polymer technology have led to the development of improved monofilament and fiber braidings.

Catheter Jacketing

Serving as the outer layer of the catheter, the jacketing material for the catheter is selected based on the unique design requirements of the finished device, resulting in a combination of both pushability and flexibility.

Catheter Reflow And Assembly Aids

The final step in catheter construction requires the outer jacketing material to be bonded to the underlying base liner. To accomplish this, a heat-shrinkable fusing sleeve is used as an assembly aid.