Bonding and Adhesion

During catheter construction, many designs incorporate a supplemental layer added to the liner before braiding reinforcement is applied. This layer, frequently termed a tie layer, is a convenient method to enhance adhesion between layers. This is especially beneficial for catheter construction where delamination of layered components can be a significant failure.


Tie Layer

Zeus tie layer is a thin polymer coating typically applied over PTFE or FEP liners during catheter construction. The tie layer is a fully melt-bondable surface that allows for full encapsulation of the braid during the jacket reflow process.

Key Benefits:
  • Can Be Applied Over Any Free Extruded Zeus Liner
  • Coating Thickness As Low As 0.0001″ (0.0025 mm.)
  • Full Braid Encapsulation

Tie layers are made from USP Class VI materials and may also be a good option for use with Zeus polyimide tubing. Strengthening catheter material adhesion can lead to fewer inspections, reduced production costs, and higher yields.

Tie Layer Materials Include:
  • Pebax® – 25D To 72D Durometers
  • Tecoflex® 80A & 93A [Thermoplastic Urethanes (TPUs)]
  • Vestamid® 75D (Nylons)