Dilators and Introducers

Introducer kits are the primary gateway for vascular access for catheterization and similar procedures. Composed minimally of an introducer (or introducer sheath), dilator, and guidewire (or needle), Zeus can provide the key components for these kits to make vascular entry easier. Our extrusions for dilators and introducers are strong, USP Class VI biocompatible, lubricious, and offer excellent trackability to give physicians the best chance of success with vascular entry and catheterization.


Extruded Tubing

Zeus tubing for dilators and introducers is available in multiple resins including PTFE, FEP, Pebax®, and HDPE to better tailor the material for the application. These extrusions are highly amenable to end modifications such as tapering, flaring, and tipping for smooth dilator-to-sheath transition and lower insertion force.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Lubricious (Low Insertion Force)
  • Smooth Dilator-To-Sheath Transition
  • Radio-opaque (RO) Fillers Available

More Options And Customization

In addition to the more common materials listed above, FluoroPEELZ™ can also be used to produce tear-away introducers that provide a convenient method for removing the sheath without displacing the introduced catheter. Other resins may also be available.

Ask us about other ways to further customize your components. Angle cutting, flanging, tapering, and many more value add services are available upon request.