Balloon Protection and Mounting

Aside from our premium foundational catheter construction products such as catheter liners and heat shrink, Zeus offers device manufacturers options to protect the integrity of their balloons and stents prior to deployment, as well as options to aid with welding and mounting balloons during catheter construction.


Balloon Protectors

PTFE and FEP Extrusions

Balloon protectors manufactured from PTFE and FEP help to ensure balloons are not exposed to abrasion or rubbing during shipping and handling.  The extremely low surface friction of these fluoropolymers makes it extremely easy to slide the protector onto the balloon or stent during packaging and be easily removed prior to vascular access. While typically flared on both ends to make placing the protector over the balloon or stent even easier, we also offer other additional customizations such as flanging, bell-shaped ends, double-flaring, and more.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Customizable
  • Low Surface Friction
  • Improved Device Protection

In addition to PTFE and FEP, our FluoroPEELZ™ peelable extrusions and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusions may also be used for balloon or stent protection.

Balloon Welding And Mounting


FluoroPEELZ™ peelable heat shrink is also a helpful manufacturing aid when affixing the balloon to the catheter. FluoroPEELZ™ can be used to cover the weld joint when heating the heat shrinkable thermoplastic weld material. Then, with its easily peelable nature, FluoroPEELZ™ can be safely slit and easily pulled from the device.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Colors Available
  • Reduced Yield Loss
  • Accelerated Production