Fiber optics systems provide an efficient platform for data transmission particularly when long distances are involved. Offering high bandwidth and without interference from electromagnetic sources, fiber optics are often preferred over copper or other electrical cable systems but have limitations.

High and low temperatures, chemicals, and demanding physical environments can pose threats to fiber optics. To overcome these hazards and achieve maximum performance, Zeus provides high performance polymer extrusions and coatings to support fiber optic communication networks.


To survive the range of potentially harsh environments, fiber optic cables must be protected from both environmental hazards and physical harm. To support these applications and more, Zeus provides high performance polymer tubing for fiber optics cabling that protects and supports data transfer.


Our fluoropolymer low friction liners offer the lowest coefficients of friction available for fiber optic fan-out-kits and connectors. Zeus heat shrinks and dual shrinks provide sealed boot attachment at connectors and splice encapsulation to minimize strain and block harsh chemicals and moisture. Heat shrinks also provide physical protection against abrasion to reduce wearing for applications that may experience rubbing during normal use.


Laser, diode, and semi-conductors technologies benefit from Zeus’ ability to tailor polymer properties for specific applications.  Our low friction tubings are key components for combiners and laser diode housings to aid easy fiber insertion. Many of our extrusions also tolerate the high temperatures that may be encountered with laser devices.