Today’s internet, multimedia, and proliferation of mobile devices have created a need for ever-larger bandwidth and expanded fiber optics networks. To meet these demands, fiber optics companies and end users require tools and equipment that can increase the speed of deployment as well as simplify management of these networks.

Zeus helps support these market changes with high performance polymer extrusions designed to get your fiber optics where you need them. Whether for patch cords, connectors, splicing, fan-out kits, connecting into closures, and more, Zeus products support easier connectivity and faster deployment.


Low Friction Liners

PTFE And FEP Extruded Tubing

Easy pushability of fibers over greater distances and strain free connectors. Zeus offers this extruded tubing as low friction liners made from PTFE or FEP, these liners make fan-out kit connections easier while remaining unaffected by environmental extremes.

Key Benefits:
  • Low Friction
  • Low Water Absorption
  • High Chemical Resistance

Strain Management

Heat Shrink

Rigorous environments or deployments that may involve moving parts can expose fiber optics to tugging, vibration, and other disturbances. These disruptions can cause attenuation, disconnects, and even total signal loss. Zeus provides heat shrink tubing in multiple forms to create a solid, tough encapsulation over fiber optic cable splice points and connection points to minimize strain and ensure connection integrity.

Key Benefits:
  • Improved Strength At Connection Points
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Protection From Harsh Chemicals At Weak Points



For full encapsulation, Zeus’ Dual-Shrink™ provides a special dual-layer product:  When Dual-Shrink™ is heated,  the inner layer melts and reflows to encapsulate the part. Simultaneously, the outer layer of Dual-Shrink™ begins recovery, shrinking, and forcing the reflowing inner layer into and around the mandrel. The result is a hermetic seal.

Dual-Shrink™ can be used to seal between connectors and boots to lock out water and chemicals, and it can also be used for protection at splice points. Dual-Shrink™ is available in two configurations: a low temperature version featuring an EFEP inner layer with an FEP outer layer, and a higher temperature version with an FEP inner layer and PTFE outer layer.

Key Benefits:
  • Solid Encapsulation
  • Moisture Lock-Out
  • Adds Strength To Splice Points