Sensor Encapsulation

Fiber optic cables and optical fiber sensors often require encapsulation to seal out environmental hazards or to protect connections. Zeus heat shrink tubings provide a form-fitting solid to near-solid encapsulation that is both chemically resistant and chemically inert. Heat shrink encapsulation protects sensors and other components from physical and chemical trauma.



Dual-Shrink™ is Zeus’ unique bilayer heat shrink that combines heat shrinkable outer layer with polymer inner layer. When Dual-Shrink™ is heated, the outer layer shrinks while the inner layer melts and reflows into and around to cover the component. Resulting in a solid moisture-proof encapsulation.

Our standard Dual-Shrink™ features a PTFE outer layer with an FEP inner layer. This PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink™ provides excellent chemical resistance with a working temperature up to 450 °F (232 °C).

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Diameters Up To 1″ (25.4 mm) (Expanded)
  • Recovery Temperature Of 654 °F (346 °C)
  • Colors And Striping Available

Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™

Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™ (LTDS) is an FEP / EFEP (outer / inner) heat shrink better suited for covering sensors and components that cannot tolerate the higher recovery temperature of PTFE. Low Temperature Dual-Shrink™ features a recovery temperature of 419 °F (215 °C) but still provides chemical protection equivalent to standard Dual-Shrink™ and the same solid encapsulation protection. LTDS has a working temperature up to 302 °F (150 °C).

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Standard Diameters Up To 0.413″ (10.5 mm) (Expanded)
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • Custom Colors Available

Heat Shrinks

Zeus offers heat shrinkable tubing is several other resins that can all support your system needs. PEEK, ETFE, FEP, and PTFE heat shrinks are available to suit a variety of applications. PTFE is available in up to 4:1 shrink ratio. FEP offers high transparency while ETFE provides excellent resistance to stress cracking for long-term use over fiber.

For extremely small dimensioned walls, Zeus Sub-Lite-Wall™ heat shrinks features wall thickness down to 0.0010”(0.0254mm). Sub-Lite-Wall™ heat shrinks add mechanical strength where thinner walls are preferred while still providing high-quality encapsulation. Sub-Lite-Wall™ heat shrink products are custom sized per your request.

Key Benefits And Capabilities:
  • Wall Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.0005″ (0.0127 mm) (Most Sizes)
  • Etching Available For Bonding
  • Colors And Striping Available