1. 07/12/2018

    Monofilament Market Global Players 2018

    Global Segments, Industry Growth, Top Key Players, Size and Recent Trends by Forecast to 2023

    Monofilament, a single filament of synthetic fiber, is widely used in the nylon fishing line. It can be made using nylon, polyester, and polyolefins. Monofilaments are widely preferred in fishing lines instead of multifilaments owing to flexibility, good shock strength, and cost-effectiveness. The product finds use in fishing & agriculture net, ropes, fabric, paper mill filters, textile conveyor belts, medical devices, wastewater treatment, stretched tapes, and sports strings among others. Continue reading at

  1. 06/01/2018

    ‘Mild’ chemical recycling process for PLA developed

    PLA, a polymer that’s growing in popularity, is often marketed to brand owners for its biodegradability in commercial composting systems. Now, a plastics technology company has developed a chemical process for recycling the polymer. Continue reading at

  1. 02/16/2018

    WireMasters Receives Zeus Industrial Products Outstanding Achievement Award

    WireMasters is proud to announce we are the recipient of Zeus Industrial Products Outstanding Achievement Award. For several years, WireMasters and Zeus have built a strong relationship, and we are honored to be chosen. Continue reading at

  1. 02/16/2018

    Zeus investing $91.9 million to expand in South Carolina

    Zeus Industrial Products plans to invest $91.9 million and hire 370 more employees at two of its facilities in South Carolina. Continue reading at

  1. 12/07/2017

    New Family of FBG Optical Sensors featuring Zeus PEEK Coating Now Available for Use in Harsh Environments

    FBGs are reliable all-fiber optical components that have been used for making accurate and reliable temperature and strain measurements for over two decades. However, due to previous technical limitations, most applications in hot harsh environments were typically off limits. A new generation of T150 ruggedized Fiber Bragg Gratings are now available for operation in various metal prohibiting, corrosive, toxic, and chemically active environments to 260 Degrees Celsius. Protected by their Zeus PEEK outer layer, these new sensors are now solving measurement challenges in many existing and new markets. Optical sensors are widely used in industry and in research and development laboratories. Continue reading on

  1. 10/27/2017

    Zeus adds to family of thin-walled PTFE catheter liners

    In July, developer and extruder of advanced polymers Zeus Industrial Products Inc. (Orangeburg, SC) debuted the first thin-walled PTFE catheter liner in its Sub-Lite-Wall StreamLiner series. The StreamLiner XT has a maximum wall thickness of 0.00075 in. (0.01905 mm). It followed that up this week with the introduction of the StreamLiner VT, which features a maximum wall thickness of 0.001 in. (0.025 mm) in an inner diameter size range of 0.004 to 0.120 in. (0.107 to 3.05 mm). Both products will be showcased by Zeus at the co-located Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) and PLASTEC events in Minneapolis next month. Continue reading on

  1. 01/24/2017

    Turning Polymers Into Possibilities

    Turning polymers into possibilities. That’s what our great friends at Zeus are known for. WireMasters and Zeus have been developing our relationship as manufacturer and supplier for many years now. As one of WireMasters’ top suppliers, Zeus supplies us with high-quality aerospace protective. Continue reading at

  1. 09/16/2016

    Zeus introduces new MRI-compatible LCP monofilament for vascular interventions

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a strong magnetic field to image the body and is known as the gold standard in diagnostic imaging. This non-invasive imaging technique can be used to diagnose several medical conditions because of its superior ability to visualize soft tissue. Continue reading at

  1. 08/24/2016

    Zeus develops LCP to replace metal braiding in catheters

    Renewed interest in catheters that are compatible with magnetic resonance imaging has led Zeus (Orangeburg, SC) to develop a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) monofilament that can be used to replace stainless steel in wire braiding applications. As minimally invasive surgical procedures become increasingly complex, physicians require improved visualization of soft tissue, making metals undesirable in these types of medical devices. The company will feature this technology at MD&M Minneapolis, which is co-located with PLASTEC Minneapolis, at the Minneapolis Convention Center on September 21 and 22. Continue reading on

  1. 04/25/2015

    Could This New Heat Shrink Simplify Catheter Manufacturing?

    A South Carolina company is touting a new heat-shrinkable assembly aid that decreases damage to catheters during manufacturing, reducing waste and the necessity of specialized operator training. Continue reading at