Environmental Health and Safety

Zeus Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy

Consistent with our Mission, Core Values, and our Zeus Operating System, we are committed to conducting business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner that promotes the health of our employees, customers, and community. All Zeus employees are expected to understand, follow, and promote this policy.


Zeus complies with all applicable Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) laws and regulations as well as Zeus standards. We conduct internal audits and implement practices that ensure compliance with these requirements.

Continual Improvement

In May 2018, Zeus introduced a new technology for recycling PLA in order to support a more circular economy. You can learn more about this economically advantageous and environmentally friendly solution by clicking here.

Safety of PFAS

Zeus is very much in tune with environmental matters including the safety and environmental impact regarding fluoropolymers and non-polymerized forms of PFAS.  Not all PFAS are the same.  Zeus recognizes fluoropolymers as low harm, high value PFAS.  More information regarding our position can be found here.

Business Integration

We integrate EHS into business decisions to proactively ensure the health and safety of our employees and promote environmentally responsible practices.