Mission | Vision | Values

When you are designing a life-saving medical device or protecting a critical component that must not fail, there are no shortcuts. Collaboration with a proven polymer solutions provider – one whose success rests on its founder’s philosophy that, “There is no ‘good enough’ in true craftsmanship” – minimizes risk and speeds your process.

Our customers and employees know why Zeus exists, how we do business, and what our company values. For those of you who are searching for a reliable and committed partner, we would like to share our Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and E.P.I.C. Core Values.


Provide Solutions – Enable Innovation – Enhance Lives


Working Together – Doing It Better

By working together to achieve excellence, we will build on our past successes by:

  • Putting customers at the heart of everything we do
  • Inspiring compassion toward one another and our customers
  • Relentlessly pursuing perfection in our products and processes



Our people, products, and processes set the standard for excellence.


Our success is rooted in the accomplishments of our people and our partners.


Our behavior is guided by a passion for being honest, ethical, and trustworthy.


Our innovation and experience creates better solutions for our customers.