Insights – General Industry

  1. Exploring Insulating Varnish for PEEK Wire High Bond

    By Benji Smith, Product Manager & Zeth Eberling, Sr. Materials Engineer

    As the world continues to move towards electrification to support sustainable and green energy efforts, the performance requirements placed upon the electrical machines powering this revolution are rapidly increasing and becoming ever more demanding.  At the heart of any electrical machine lies a magnet wire; one of the most critical, if not the most critical,…

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  2. How advances in extrusion technology can transform insulated wire

    By Brian Tomblin, Vice President of Product Engineering

    Typically, when thinking of insulated wire, the thought that comes to mind for many engineers will be a simple round conductor with a concentric round insulating layer. Perhaps more specifically, one may be envisioning a classic enameled magnet wire (Figure 1), produced from a solvent cast coating system in which the wire is first coated,…

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