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Zeus is much more than a global tubing supplier. We are polymer scientists dedicated to delivering dependable innovation to our partners. While we are the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance polymer extrusions and biomaterials, we are also a creative consortium for large OEMs and start-ups. We offer critical intellectual and physical resources in addition to our experience in polymer science, contract research, and process development.

At our website, you can download a wide array of technical sheets containing key functional characteristics of our products as well as details such wall sizes and tolerance capabilities. To underscore our commitment to quality and to give you confidence in each of our products, we provide the requirements for our raw material suppliers and key service providers on our Strategic Supply page. Also on our site, you will find information regarding availability of products and information on customization options should you require a product outside of our standard offerings.

At Zeus, we place a premium on educating our customers. The Zeus Exchange Advisory Panel is a forum where our customers and industry thought leaders assemble to exchange ideas, share opinions, and interact openly on important issues and trends in polymer science. Membership to the Panel is free and offers rewards such as private facility tours, VIP Lunch and Learn sessions, pre-marketing testing, and more. Our quarterly e-newsletter, RESINATE, provides its readership with in-depth educational perspectives on a range of topics. In this same vein, we also provide our exhaustive Heat Shrink Recovery Process Guide to take customers through a step-by-step walkthrough on how to properly recover each of our heat shrinkable materials.

We also have several industry-specific guides (such as for medical catheter componentry, aerospace, automotive, fluid management, fiber optics, energy, and other) outlining how Zeus extruded products are used in applications for these markets. Our team has set aside an entire section of our website for Technical Information aimed at educating our partners. Here, you will find information on the intricacies of polymer science ranging from chemical resistance to highlighting the advantages of different resins based upon how they will be used.

The Zeus Catalog is a reference guide to our product offerings and services. This document is available in print and online versions in six languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish.

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