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From protection, color identification, strain relief, to waterproofing, Zeus heat shrinks provide the best shrink-to-fit encapsulations for your components. We offer PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink™ , which takes advantage of differing polymer properties combined into one heat shrink, to deliver superior encapsulation and protection for critical components.

Particularly valuable in automotive and aerospace applications, our Dual-Shrink™ tubing is a specialized product developed to fully encapsulate components and smart parts to lock out moisture and other chemicals. This product is made from PTFE as an exterior layer and an inner layer of FEP. Combined, this dual-layer heat shrink provides a tight and moisture-proof bond over wires, cables, connectors, splices, terminals, and other essential parts.

The PTFE outer layer shrinks tightly over inserted parts when the covered section is heated. Meanwhile, the FEP inner layer melts and flows into a solid or near-solid encapsulation with a fit so tight that it can withstand severe stresses involving pull or vibration.

Zeus Dual-Shrink™ tubing provides all the outstanding electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties of PTFE and FEP including a high continuous service temperature up to 450 °F (232 °C). The PTFE outer layer has a recovery temperature between 654 °F (346 °C) to 670 °F (354 °C) and offers superior corrosion resistance.

Custom combinations of polymers, sizes and tolerances can be quoted upon request. Contact our team today or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally to find out what our Dual-Shrink™ or other products can do for you or to request samples.

Dual-Shrink™ Heat Shrink Recovery Procedures

  1. Always assure good ventilation in the immediate work area prior to beginning the heat shrink process. Caution: Fumes may cause nausea and dizziness.
  2. Dual-Shrink™ tubing requires 650 °F ± 50 °F (343 °C ± 28 °C). This is a liberal and safe range.
    Please note: The heat shrink temperatures listed here are general guidelines. Actual shrink temperatures may be higher or lower depending on the design and dimensions of the heat shrink, application techniques and other factors.
  3. The mandrel (part) to be covered by Dual-Shrink™ must be able tolerate the range of the heat shrink temperature.
  4. The mandrel being covered may act as a heat sink preventing sufficient thermal energy from being transferred to the Dual-Shrink™ before fully recovering and reflowing the inner material. Therefore, Zeus recommends preheating large diameter mandrels.
  5. Dual-Shrink™ requires moderate recovery. Highly restricted radical recovery tends to induce longitudinal loss, while excessive restriction tends to induce splitting.
  6. Evenly heating and returning to room temperature on all sides provides the best results. Uneven heating or cooling tends to split the PTFE side still in the “gel” state while the other side is in the hard or crystalline state – especially upon recovery.
    Note: Shrinking starts when the PTFE is brought up to the gel state during heating but completes its recovery during the cooling cycle. In its gel state, the tubing becomes crystal clear and glassy in appearance. The FEP will melt and flow when the temperature of reflow is reached.

Ovens are the most reliable way to recover heat shrink products due to their ability to ensure even heating and reduce the risk of overheating the material (which can lead to brittleness and cracking). However, heat guns can also be used successfully to recover heat shrink material.


    Component Encapsulation – Zeus Dual-Shrink™ is a specialized double layer tubing which allows the internal layer to be melted over components and then covered by a shrinkable outer polymer layer. Through this process, the covered components are doubly sealed providing protection from moisture and other potentially harmful chemicals in their working environment.

    Electrical Connections – For connecting electrical components, whether to each other or to a terminal, Zeus Dual-Shrink™ helps hold fast the connection to insure a secure and dependable power flow while providing the necessary protection in wide-ranging operating environments.

    Wire Splicing – For those times when conventional connectors or terminals are not available such as out in the field, our Dual-Shrink™ tubing can provide the necessary fix when needing to splice or join wires together. The near-solid inner melt layer of the Dual-Shrink™ tubing is strong enough to tolerate the most rigorous pulling, bending, and vibrational stresses.


    Chemical Resistance – Our PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink™ tubings provide resistance to almost all commonly encountered workplace chemicals to extend the life of your components.

    Secure Moisture-Proof Protection – Our PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink™ tubing provides a tight and moisture-proof encapsulation for covering wires, cables, connectors, splices, terminals, and other parts. This super-secure moisture proofing is accomplished when the Dual-Shrink® is heated to recovery temperature causing the inner layer of FEP to melt and reflow over and into the covered component for a secure seal.

    Wide Working Temperature Range – Our PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink™ can safely operate in temperature from -328 °F (-200 °C) to 450 °F (232 °C).

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  • PTFE/FEP or PTFE/ETFE Encapsulation

    Capabilities and Sizing - STANDARD WALL

    Item No. As Supplied ID Min. Recovered Dim. ID Will Shrink to at Least After Shrinking Total Wall Thickness-Norm.
    in. mm in. mm in. mm
    ZDS–S–036 0.0360 0.9144 N/A N/A
    ZDS–S–060 0.0600 1.5240 N/A N/A
    ZDS–S–130 0.1300 3.3020 N/A N/A
    ZDS–S–160 0.1600 4.0640 N/A N/A
    ZDS–S–190 0.1900 4.8260 0.0620 1.5748 0.0350 0.8890
    ZDS–S–250 0.2500 6.3500 0.1250 3.1750 0.0350 0.8890
    ZDS–S–350 0.3500 8.8900 0.1900 4.8260 0.0350 0.8890
    ZDS–S–450 0.4500 11.4300 0.3120 7.9248 0.0550 1.3970
    ZDS–S–700 0.7000 17.7800 0.4400 11.1760 0.0550 1.3970
    ZDS–S–950 0.9500 24.1300 0.6300 16.0020 0.0650 1.6510
  • Capabilities and Sizing - LIGHTWEIGHT WALL

    Item No. As Supplied ID Min. Recovered Dim. ID Will Shrink to at Least After Shrinking Total Wall Thickness-Norm.
    in. mm in. mm in. mm
    ZDS–L–065 0.0650 1.6510 N/A N/A
    ZDS–L–115 0.1150 2.9210 0.0450 1.1430 0.0150 0.3810
    ZDS–L–130 0.1300 3.3020 0.0600 1.5240 0.0150 0.3810
    ZDS–L–180 0.1800 4.5720 0.0650 1.6510 0.0150 0.3810
    ZDS–L–190 0.1900 4.8260 0.0700 1.7780 0.0150 0.3810
    ZDS–L–240 0.2400 6.0960 0.1500 3.8100 0.0200 0.5080
    ZDS–L–350 0.3500 8.8900 0.2100 5.3340 0.0250 0.6350
    ZDS–L–480 0.4800 12.1920 0.3150 8.0010 0.0320 0.8128
    ZDS–L–700 0.7000 17.7800 0.5000 12.7000 0.0400 1.0160
    ZDS–L–1000 1.0000 25.4000 0.7000 17.7800 0.0450 1.1430