Patent Information for FluoroPEELZ® Peelable Heat Shrink

Zeus’ FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink may be protected by one or more patents or pending patent applications listed below. The following list of patents and patent applications owned or licensed by Zeus may not be all inclusive ,and Zeus’ FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink may be covered by additional patents or pending patent applications in the United States and elsewhere.

Serial Number Status Jurisdiction
201580042114.5 Pending Patent Application China
 EP3151900B1 Issued Patent Europe
249366 Pending Patent Application Israel
201737000363 Pending Patent Application India
2017-516643 Pending Patent Application Japan
10-2017-7000446 Pending Patent Application Korea
MX/a/2016/016041 Pending Patent Application Mexico
1601007283 Pending Patent Application Thailand
9,440,044 Issued Patent United States
9,901,661 Issued Patent United States
10,434,222 Issued Patent United States
16/568,419 Pending Patent Application United States
9,446,171 Issued Patent United States
9,464,149 Issued Patent United States
9,623,154 Issued Patent United States
9,957,384 Issued Patent United States

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