FluoroPEELZ® Peelable Heat Shrink

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Zeus’ groundbreaking new FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink offers medical device manufacturers a revolutionary way to increase yields and improve safety for catheter construction. With its fully encapsulated blade, our FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture allows you to safely create a precise linear tear to quickly and easily peel away the heat shrink. Zeus FluoroPEELZ® is Class VI medical grade approved.

You asked us for a peelable heat shrink – we delivered!

Catheter construction is a delicate process with no room for error. The final step of removing the recovered FEP heat shrink from over the outer shaft is often the most critical and laborious. Now, with the introduction of Zeus FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink, one simple linear tear is all it takes. Just slit the end of the heat shrink with the FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture, peel it back, and move on!

FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink accelerates production, increases yield, and improves safety.

Are you challenged with cost reductions? Are you seeking new and innovative ways to increase yields? Are you concerned with workers’ safety?

Now, with the new and improved FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture, the cutting blade is fully encapsulated within a metal housing. This cutting device precisely locates the recovered FluoroPEELZ® heat shrink within the device to make the initial cut. No guess work! The FluoroPEELZ® is exactly cut in the middle allowing you to begin peeling away the FluoroPEELZ® layer from the catheter.

FluoroPEELZ® brings simplicity to a complex process saving you both time and money

With the FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture, operators can quickly and easily peel FluoroPEELZ®  heat shrink away improving efficiencies and work place safety. Customers using FluoroPEELZ®  report reduced downstream processing, increased yields, and minimal scrap – all of which provide cost savings.

FluoroPEELZ® offers the highest optical clarity on the market

FluoroPEELZ® is the most translucent peelable heat shrink available allowing operators to visually inspect the construction during the reflow process. Inspection performed at the time of reflow eliminates guesswork and speeds the production process. In addition to its clarity, FluoroPEELZ® actually enhances reflow ability. Once removed, FluoroPEELZ® produces a smooth and void-free exterior finish.

FluoroPEELZ® delivers reliable results

With dwell times and recovery temperatures consistent with traditional FEP heat shrink, FluoroPEELZ® delivers fast and reliable results with the quality and performance you have come to expect from Zeus.

Who We Work With

Zeus partners with everyone. Whether you are in academia or associated with a global medical device and contract manufacturer or launching an entrepreneurial start-up, your project will be treated as top priority and receive our full attention.

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Contact us or call toll free in the US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today, and we will mail you samples of this revolutionary product for the medical catheter construction market. Custom sizes and heat shrink ratios up to 1.65:1 are available. We can provide FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink with inside diameters as small as 0.020″ (0.051 mm).

Questions, comments, or concerns? We are happy to answer them. The Zeus team is eager to engage our customers with our best advice.



    Balloon Tacking / Welding – Zeus FluorPEELZ® heat shrink provides an excellent means for welding balloons to dilation or drug delivery catheters. FluoroPEELZ® is a superior alternative to polyolefin heat shrink, is easier to remove, and is not prone to tearing or damaging the balloon upon removal. If you prefer laser heating for your heat shrink recovery, FluoroPEELZ® can be pigmented for use with CO2 laser recovery.

    Catheter Construction – Used over nylon or Pebax® jacketing during catheter construction, Zeus FluoroPEELZ® peelable heat shrink encapsulates the underlying jacketing while heat is applied to the outer FluoroPEELZ® layer. The applied heat also melts the underlying jacketing material allowing the jacket to reflow into the catheter braiding thus bonding the catheter base liner, braiding, and jacketing together. Once the jacket material has cured, the recovered FluoroPEELZ® top layer is removed beginning with the FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture.

    Packaging / Balloon and Stent Protectors – As non-heat shrinkable extruded tubing, FluoroPEELZ® is also available for use as packaging aids to protect catheter balloons, stents, or balloon-stent assemblies during the manufacturing process. Balloon and stent assemblies are held securely and protected within the FluoroPEELZ® encapsulation until they are ready for use.


    Easily Removed – With the FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture, the tear process is easily begun with a precisely centered cut at the end of the recovered FluoroPEELZ® heat shrink.

    Safe – The FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture contains a fully encapsulated blade completely shielding operators from contact with the cutting edge during normal use. The FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture also precisely centers the blade for cutting; this eliminates the need for operators having to manually re-cut the end of the heat shrink to start the peeling process.

    Reduces Downstream Processing – The foolproof nature of FluoroPEELZ® and the FluoroPEELZ® slit fixture minimize rework and make the normal production process more expedient. Reduced processing means money saved!

    Visual Inspection After Reflow – Because FluoroPEELZ® is transparent, production personnel can see the result of the reflow process as it happens. Detection of defects early in the production process allows corrective actions to be initiated sooner minimizing lost production time and product.

    Smooth Catheter Surface Finish – The lubricious nature of FluoroPEELZ® prevents it from adhering or interacting with the underlying jacketing material of the catheter. This result is a smooth catheter finish when the FluoroPEELZ® is peeled away.

    Moderate Recovery Temperature – We recommend beginning the FluoroPEELZ® recovery process at 419 °F (215 °C). This temperature is significantly lower than many other polymer heat shrinks insuring that a mandrel or liner made of PTFE will not reflow during the heat shrink process of catheter construction.

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