Below-the-knee Stent Delivery Catheter

Good push-ability is often traded for a thinner profile in catheter design, particularly for below-the-knee procedures.

For this project, our customer required a stent delivery catheter with both performance characteristics to enable access deep in the popliteal artery.


The requirement for this device was to have an ultra-low catheter profile (sub 0.004″/0.10 mm) combined with enhanced push-ability to deliver treatments to areas of the body, which are typically difficult to reach.


In collaboration with our wider engineering team at Zeus, we specified the optimum polymer profile and designed a custom reinforcement method to strengthen the catheter without sacrificing wall thickness. Functional prototypes were quickly developed for pre-clinical trial testing using our rapid prototyping capability.


Pre-clinical test results indicate the design performs with superior efficacy to precisely navigate below-the-knee and accurately place stents in previously thought impossible locations. Based on these excellent results, validations are underway.

“Their expertise in catheter design and their prototyping capability was crucial. Creating a holistic solution allowed us to optimize our device to meet clinical demands.”

Senior Program Manager Medical Device Company

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