Compliant Balloon Microcatheter

In collaboration with the customer’s R&D engineers, we developed a highly specialized microcatheter using a compliant occlusion balloon.

To meet exacting requirements, a custom co-axial braided catheter shaft was designed with exceptional pushability, lubricity, and kink resistance.

The unique design featuring a sub-3Fr catheter profile, flexible body, atraumatic tip, and compliant balloon allows for maximum patient compatibility.


Compliant balloon materials often require advanced bonding techniques to create a robust, leak-proof bond to the catheter body. Typically, this bonding creates an increased profile across the bond area. However, for this project to meet clinical requirements, the device needed a smooth, homogenous profile.


In close collaboration with the customer’s R&D engineers, we developed a highly customized balloon bonding process. A specialized reinforced braided catheter shaft was engineered enabling a device design with exceptional pushability, lubriciousness, and kink resistance.


We improved the customer’s development schedule while maintaining all design requirements. Yields of 98%+ were achieved through rigorous leak testing.

“A genuine and highly collaborative partner, and a natural extension of our R&D and production team.”

SVP Design Engineering OEM - Neurovascular

Advanced Neurovascular Catheter

Working closely with the customer’s advanced R&D team, we developed a customized laser cut hypotube to serve as reinforcement for a cutting-edge neurovascular catheter.

We were able to translate the customer’s design guidance into a functional design and produce a hypotube that allowed specific flexibility along with the required torque translation to meet the customer’s requirements.

By utilizing our extensive inventory of in-stock material, we were able to meet the customer’s aggressive development timeline.


The customer’s design required a specific flexibility profile while meeting a torque translation requirement. These requirements were not being met with typical braid, coil, or laser cut hypotube patterns.


Our senior engineering team quickly developed several custom laser cut hypotube patterns that the customer could test and identify the exact pattern to meet their device requirements.


By quickly transforming design ideas into working prototypes, we allowed the customer to successfully move their project from the advanced R&D group into design verification, where we continue to support the customer’s product development process.

“Their ability to quickly understand our unique design requirements was key to moving this project forward. They are a great partner to work with.”

R&D Director OEM – Neurovascular

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