Zeus Exchange Clinicians Panel

Better Device, Better Patient Care

Our precise extruded components and biomaterials are instrumental to the composition of medical devices. We want to hear from the clinicians who use these devices every day to understand your challenges, unmet needs and how medical devices can work better for you. Let’s work together to improve.

Why join?

  • Collaborate with device manufacturers & engineers
  • Receive direct access to component suppliers of medical devices
  • Provide valuable feedback to improve devices
  • Get ahead of the game with the latest industry news
  • Make an impact on your market for better patient care

Membership has its benefits.

  • Pre-market Product Testing
  • Live Q&A with Zeus Biomedical Engineers & Material Science Experts
  • Networking Opportunities with Device Manufacturers
  • Free Samples
  • Educational Webinars
  • VIP Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Private Facility Tours

Make an impact today.

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  • Collaborate: Periodically exchange your ideas and opinions with our team
  • Receive rewards: Receive access to a variety of membership benefits

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