Taking Action

Taking Action to Shape PFAS Regulations

On March 22, 2023, the ECHA opened a six-month consultation period in which interested parties can comment on the proposed PFAS restriction. The consultation period is designed to gather data and input regarding the potential socio-economic impact of the proposed PFAS restriction. Providing the following types of feedback is critical to shaping the final proposal:

  • Information on the use of fluoropolymers in critical applications
    • Why fluoropolymers are used vs. other materials
    • Performance requirements for your application
  • Information on alternative materials
    • Availability/technical feasibility of possible alternative materials
  • Information on the economic impact
    • Economic impact on your organization as well as downstream users
    • Costs and time required for substitution of substances/materials
    • Economic/societal impact of a total loss of use
  • Information on lifecycle
    • Existing regulations in place for your industry regarding safety and waste management
    • Health and environmental profile of your products
    • Durability of fluoropolymers as an added value

You can access the ECHA survey online here.