Materials Literature

Material selection is one of the most critical aspects of design. Zeus extrudes and processes materials with properties that are critical to performance in end applications. These resins below have desired attributes such as lubricity, purity, temperature and chemical resistance, biocompatibility and dielectric strength. Below, we’ve assembled resources for you to research options and answer questions as you begin your quest to design a new part.

Download our material literature in PDF:

ETFE | FEP | Nylon 6/6 | Nylon 11 | Nylon 12 | PEBA | PEEK | PFA High Purity | PTFE | PVDF* | THV

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These high-performance polymers are fashioned into an array of product options like extruded tubing, heat shrinks, drawn fiber, multi-lumens, custom profiles, monofilaments, optical fiber coatings, and more.

Do you need additional guidance in comparing polymer extrusions?

Zeus can provide help. We have a world-class team of polymer scientists, engineers, and multi-lingual technical sales representatives that will assist you in determining the proper material to advance your ideas with extrusions or further processing. Contact us today.

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